quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2008


my favourite things on earth are: starred skies and sunshine, walking barefoot on the green grass and swimming in the sea wile it rains, ice cream and popcorn, knowledge and mental independence, laughter and good theatre. my favourite things in my life are: books and reading them, my bed and sleeping on it, love and confidence among friends. my favourite things about myself are: my son and my husband, my parents and my sisters and my smile.

the things I absolutely hate on earth are: cynicism, greed, stupidity, arrogance, indifference, bad writing, war and people who hurt children. the things I absolutely hate in my life are: no time to do everything I’ve planned to, routine, traffic, not being smiled back and bad news. the things I absolutely hate about myself are: being compulsive with order (and driving everybody else mental), not being strong enough sometimes, never being ready to “strike back” when people hurt me, feeling that the world is slowly changing me.
b. b. booker
janeiro 2008

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